what is a legacy

Hello, dear friends!

After careful consideration, I've decided to stop updating this blog for the foreseeable future. My heart just isn't in it at this time.

You'll still be able to read all my back posts if you feel like it! The domain isn't going anywhere.

Thanks for your readership all these years! I hope you'll join me on Patreon to get updates about my other writing projects.



new and upcoming


I've started writing book reviews for Lambda Literary; you can check out my latest one here. I'm getting two more books in the mail very soon, so you can expect to see more of them asap.

I've been hard at work doing edits on my manuscript (coming out this year via Eliezer Tristan Publishing), which hasn't left me a ton of time to do other things, but I am currently doing a rewatch of Brooklyn 99 in order to log every single movie reference; I'm only a few episodes in and the list is already long. I'm going to endeavor to liveblog/review every movie referenced in B99. I reserve the right to not review horribly offensive movies, like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (woah there transphobia); I will not, however, excuse myself from straight-up horrible movies, like Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider 2. Yes, my friends, for your entertainment (and my own, let's be real), I will be subjecting myself to a large part of Nicolas Cage's filmography, as well as ALL of the Die Hard movies.

I've got a piece coming out in a journal in the next few months, and I'm submitting as much as my poor beleaguered self can handle, so hopefully I'll have more links to post soon!

I'll be finishing up this season of The Good Place (and then never recapping a show again, my god is it exhausting).



life update: long-time readers will not believe this at all

I'm writing a book!

I know I've said that a million times here before, but this time, it's actually happening. I have a publisher and I've signed a contract and everything. At some point soon, I will have an actual physical copy of a book that I wrote myself! (A few, actually, as I saw in my contract.)

If you want more updates on this project, check out my Patreon or Facebook.


the good place, s03e09: janet(s)

ICYMI: s3e1 s3e2 s3e3 s3e4 s3e5 s3e6 s3e7 s3e8

Season 3 reading list:
Nicomachean Ethics - Aristotle
The Republic - Plato
- Writings about Socrates (he didn't write anything himself)
Apology - Plato
Laws - Plato
Phaedo - Plato
Death: The Art of Living - Todd May
- Articles by Pamela Hieronymi (who was an early consultant for the show)
Beyond Good and Evil - Friedrich Nietzsche
Basic Writings of Friedrich Nietzsche
-Meditationes de prima philosophia (Meditations on First Philosophy) - RenĂ© Descartes
Leonine Edition - St. Thomas Aquinas
The Most Good You Can Do - Peter Singer
- An Essay Concerning Human Understanding - John Locke
- Is Personal Identity What Matters? - Derek Parfit
- Themes, Arguments, and Ideas - David Hume

You can watch the episode here; everything in this post is from The Good Place.

For actor names, see episode 1 recap. Spoilers spoilers spooooooooooooileerrrssssss


update on content

Hello friends!

the bean also says hi

After putting myself through a pretty punishing three days of The Good Place recaps, I've decided that after season 3 of TGP ends, I won't write single-episode reviews/recaps for any show that I'm actively invested in/watching with my wife or that's currently on the air.

That basically means I'm going to pick a bunch of trash and recap/live blog that, so get ready for more stuff like Secret Life, which was one of the most popular things I've ever done on this blog so hooray!

I might still write essays on shows I like - I've been working on a B99 piece for a while now - and I might decide to do episode-by-episode recaps of non-trash shows that are either off the air or Netflix/Amazon Prime exclusives, but, let's be real, writing those Secret Life posts was a hell of a lot of fun, and I'm not mad about returning to trash-watching at alllllllllllllll.

If you have tips for fun trash, hit me up! I'm not going to keep going on shows that are wildly offensive (especially not if they're being offensive on purpose, whether "as a joke" or not (let's be real, it's never actually a joke)), but I probably won't abandon shows that make gaffes from time to time.

I'm also working on a bunch of fiction (you can read some and get more exclusive content by supporting my Patreon), so I probably won't post TV stuff more than ~once a week.

That's all! No more news atm. Check back within the next 24 hours for s3e9 of TGP.