new and upcoming


I've started writing book reviews for Lambda Literary; you can check out my latest one here. I'm getting two more books in the mail very soon, so you can expect to see more of them asap.

I've been hard at work doing edits on my manuscript (coming out this year via Eliezer Tristan Publishing), which hasn't left me a ton of time to do other things, but I am currently doing a rewatch of Brooklyn 99 in order to log every single movie reference; I'm only a few episodes in and the list is already long. I'm going to endeavor to liveblog/review every movie referenced in B99. I reserve the right to not review horribly offensive movies, like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (woah there transphobia); I will not, however, excuse myself from straight-up horrible movies, like Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider 2. Yes, my friends, for your entertainment (and my own, let's be real), I will be subjecting myself to a large part of Nicolas Cage's filmography, as well as ALL of the Die Hard movies.

I've got a piece coming out in a journal in the next few months, and I'm submitting as much as my poor beleaguered self can handle, so hopefully I'll have more links to post soon!

I'll be finishing up this season of The Good Place (and then never recapping a show again, my god is it exhausting).