the prodigal blogger returns (for real this time)

Hello friends!

It has been a minute! Notable things since the last time we met:
1. I started a job
2. I left said job because I am disabled and I couldn't handle said job and kind of had a breakdown
3. Unlike the ten million other times I've told you I'm writing a book, I actually currently have two ~160 page book drafts, one novel, one mini-memoir
4. I submitted the mini-memoir to an actual publisher who actually told me to send it over
5. I've submitted a few shorter fiction pieces to journals and a contest

That's pretty much it, which is both a lot and a little.

Submitting that book proposal lit a fire under me and now I'm finally ready to get back to writing weird reviews of a wide range of TV shows. Coming up in the next couple weeks: quick and dirty recaps of season 1 and 2 of The Good Place, which will hopefully lead to individual episode recaps of season 3, assuming it doesn't end before I finish with seasons 1 and 2. I'm trying to do a rewatch to give the best possible recap experience and man it is HARD to write recaps for a series where you already know all the spoilers, so it's taking longer than expected. I might jump ahead to the new episodes before finishing the recaps for the old ones and then just backdate the old recaps, cram 'em into the next six days. We shall see, my friends.

Also, I am beyond psyched for Brooklyn-99 to come back and will be doing episode recaps ASAP. I'm not going to recap seasons 1-5 because I simply cannot deal. That is much too much.

I'm always looking for new shows, so if you have any recs please send them my way! thisismainly at gmail dot com

See you very very soon!