Thanks to a pretty significant shift in subject matter, I've made a new blog - thisismainlybipolar.com should get you there by tomorrow, or probably Friday at the latest. This will get you there for sure.

If I start getting some brain power back, I'll probably come back here to tell you my feelings on TV, since we both know that is what this blog is intended to be. The bipolar blog is going to feature more of the gross inner workings of my brain, and I feel like if I comment on media there, it will be in reference to things that I feel do a great or horrible job of addressing mental illness (HAS ANYONE ELSE BEEN WATCHING YOU'RE THE WORST OR IS IT JUST ME JEEEEEESUS IT IS MY NEW FAVORITE SHOW).

It would be pretty chill if you would follow or bookmark or what have you both of my precious little blogs, or sign up for email alerts - we all know I post sporadically, so that shouldn't blow up your inbox.

This is a weird adventure, friendos, and one I have no real choice about! I hope it's interesting, and that it makes you think a bit harder about mental illness.

See you on the flip side,
carling xx