Time travel in a show that doesn't feature time travel. Odd?

Dear Whatever Network is Running Pan Am,

I know you probably don't have a ton of viewers, and that I am one mainly due to having to increase the amount of shows I watch in order to fully procrastinate focusing on what I'm supposed to be doing here, but come on. This week's episode featured storylines that have been dead for about 4-5 episodes. Although I'm sure it all would've been great to see when the stories were relevant, I am now completely confused and keep yelling "What?!" at my computer. It doesn't deserve this kind of verbal abuse.

If it's all a dream sequence, I swear to god...

Fix this mess quick. 

Cheers, Originalbun

Does anyone else watch Pan Am? It's not the best and the stories are usually ridiculous, however Christina Ricci rocks some amazing outfits in every episode. Thank god the countdown to Mad Men is nearing the month mark so I can get my 60's fix from somewhere else. Let me know how you're coping until March 25 and maybe we can start some kind of support group.