redbeanbun goes to the movies: paaaaaul newman double feature

Sorry, that's totally unrelated except for that I have "Paaaaa-aaaul Newman... Double Feature..." running through my head incessantly.

Anyway! I mentioned that my best friend was in town, and she was my Valentine. The Lincoln Center Film Society was showing a double feature of Paul Newman goodness, which also counted as a double feature of works adapted from American Southern writers and super hot ladies.

Oh, and it was a glorious evening.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

If you haven't seen this movie already, see it. Why haven't you seen it? You are weird.

You may have an existential crisis. To fix this, follow it up with this:

The Long, Hot Summer

This movie has a weirdly feminist feel to it. The lead female character (Joanne Woodward as Clara Varner) has an exchange with her somewhat boring beau (Richard Anderson playing the Paris of Frenchman's Bend) about how women think a lot about sex, and how she's really, really interested in doing more than talking about it. (She also stubbornly states that she's smart, and funny, and has good taste, and people should love her, dammit! WHICH IS AMAZING.)

But it takes dashing newcomer Ben Quick (Newman!), wandering around without a shirt, digging holes, looking... healthy... and sweaty... and sometimes a little bit dirty... sorry, got distracted - it takes Ben Quick's pure seduction for the entire movie for her to start getting what she wants.

This movie is so full of excellent quotes. It's so smart and sexy and irreverent. The best line, though, bar none, that actually elicited applause from the Lincoln Center Film Society audience (as well as some breathy, embarrassed laughter) was this gem from Newman to Woodward:

The world belongs to the meat eaters, Miss Clara, and if you have to take it raw, take it raw.

Oh my lord, that movie. It has to be one of the sexiest movies I've ever seen, and nobody did anything more than kiss.

Honestly, we've got a long weekend coming up (here in the US). If you are in possession of ten extra dollars, buy it (it's on Amazon Instant Video, y'alls, and there's the link) or stream it via your fancy Amazon Prime membership (which is free if you have a .edu email address!), find yourself a date or be your own date, add your sexy movie-snacks of choice (my thought: a six-pack and sexy nachos (so sexy!)), and enjoy. Mmmmm.

Seriously, if I were a lady in 1870, this film would've given me the vapors.

Well dear reader, I hope you take my advice and pull a Paul Newman marathon this long, hot weekend. For it will be long and hot if you have a Paul Newman movie marathon.