a letter to my parents

Dear parents,

I just watched a video that a man made after his daughter posted some really awful crap on her facebook about how her parents work her like a slave and how she wouldn't take care of them when they're old and she'd laugh at them and stuff, where he read the thing she posted and then went point by point over why it was awful, and then (SPOILER) he shot her laptop like nine times and it was kind of amazing. (Video for reference: http://tumblr.thedailywh.at/post/17324469476/parents-these-days-of-the-day-15-year-old-puts-up)

I just wanted to say, that I really appreciate that you guys were so focused on making sure M and I got good educations, and had clothes on our backs and food in our stomachs, and I'm really sorry if I ever spewed the kind of bile she did when I was fifteen and fighting with you about something stupid, like walking the dogs or vacuuming (I'm sure I did, because fifteen-year olds are dumb, but I am very sorry about it). 

Add also, thanks for being the kind of parents where I had to beg you to let me get a job, and it was a reward, not a punishment. And for instilling a good work ethic in me, and for providing a good example on working hard and playing hard and just being really solid people.

I'm just really glad today that I got so lucky to have such great parents, and that hopefully you lucked out with some pretty great kids, and apparently am into making myself cry at the office? Good job, self. (See also: this is what happens when I only have filing-type work to do, and also have a cold.)

Anyway, I love you guys. You're really great parents. Thanks for never shooting my cell phone when I was being a little bratty fifteen-year old. Thanks for supporting me now. Thanks for asking questions and telling stories and just generally being delightful people.

your kid