I'm an older twentysomething, and sister to redbeanbun. Currently questioning my life path via grad school in a country that is not my own. I'm learning loads about all kinds of whacky things like socialized healthcare, recognition and identity, and public housing.

The rabbit thing originated through me thanks to some people I was friends with in past life. A select few of them are still around, but I'd say I'm on to life revision 4 now and they were around in V1.0.

I'm not sure what the boss wants me to write about here, but currently I:
love really, really bad TV shows
spend too much time trying to find ways to watch these terrible TV shows in this new land
am full of piss and vinegar about the state of political and social service systems
have some cats and half a heart in the motherland

Hopefully I can make you laugh half as hard as I normally make myself.