hurricane part two

I'm lucky enough to live on a relatively high (and therefore dry) part of Manhattan, and far enough north that there's quite a bit of land between me and the ocean. So my roommates and I fared just fine through the storm, and we mostly just went a little bit insane from cabin fever and watching movies.

Some parts of my lovely city were not so lucky - there are about a million pictures of floating cars, sandbagged stores, and an eerily dark skyline. By now, everybody knows about the NICU at NYU Hospital being evacuated after both the emergency generators failed.

It's incredibly weird to have been here for this, to have this wildly different experience from those just a few miles from my house. We never even lost power. It's just totally bizarre.

I might review everything I watched over the course of being housebound by Sandy, which is a whole lot of things. So many things. But yeah. I just wanted to say that I'm fine, and large parts of my city are fine, but large parts of it aren't. If you can donate blood or money, consider doing so. According to the Red Cross and other similar agencies, those are the most useful things you can give.

I hope everyone is healthy and safe, and I'll get back to ridiculous TV banter soon, I promise.