hurricane? i barely know her!

Hello friends!

Up here in Hamilton Heights, there isn't an awful lot happening. It's windy and a bit rainy and that's kind of all. But my office is closed tomorrow, so that seems to mean that this is pretty serious. Hooray.

One of the worst things about something like this happening in New York is that it is incredibly densely populated. That means that the apartment that all your New York friends say is huge (since we have a kitchen AND a living room) starts to feel very, very small.

I've already watched like seven episodes of Battlestar, and the new OUAT and Revenge, and eaten two meals, and played with my rabbit. There is only so much to be done in a space this size. I'm about to start doing pushups just to be doing something. I guess I could clean my room, except I can't move anything outside. And I don't think there would be much point in taking my stuff to the laundromat if there's a chance the power might go out before I finish washing things. Maybe I will wash things in my bathtub.

So, my update from the frontlines is that cabin fever is the most boring thing. Possibly ever. It is nothing like this at all:

It's this unending waiting, I think, that is really getting to me. It doesn't feel like it's ever going to end right now.

Oh my god. NPR is playing this song right now:


People are having to evacuate and people are without power, so I'm pretty lucky. I also live incredibly close to an emergency shelter, which leads me to believe that I'm living in a relatively safe area. So that's good.

I'll try to let you guys know if anything happens. But now I need to do some pushups.