argh so behind

So I'm two or three weeks backed up on Secret Life, and at least one week backed up on PLL, and someone I follow on tumblr keeps posting photosets from Teen Wolf so now I'm going to have to start watching that too, and my roommate and I just watched the first episodes of The Wire and Girls so now I have to get through those as well, BUT I AM HAVING A SOCIAL LIFE RIGHT NOW, D:

It's weird how much I miss TV when I'm being a normal human and interacting with friends. I don't mean that I don't enjoy being around humans, because I do, I GUESS, it's just that I'll be making plans and there's a little nagging voice in the back of my head being like, BUT YOU HAVE SO MUCH VAMPIRE DIARIES LEFT TO WATCH, and I'm like, I know, little voice, I know, but like, I really should see this person, I miss them too, and the voice is like, BUT WHAT ABOUT ELENA, SHE NEEEEEDS YOU TO WATCH THE REST OF THE SEASON, and I'm like, she's a character on a TV show, shut up.

Anyway. My point is that I WILL be posting on the Secret Life episodes I've missed, probably this weekend, it's just that this has been a good week for me socially. So many friends! So. Many. Friends.

Also I may have kind of shaved my head a little bit, and it's making me wish I could shave it like all the way all the way, but I don't think I can because day jobs. 

Anyway lovers, I hope, if you are in the US, that the fourth of July was a delightful and incredibly American evening for you, and for those of you in Russia, I hope your fourth of July was warm? I don't know. Everybody has the fourth of July, but you know, we're just more into setting things on fire for it here in America.