conversations my sister and i have

 M:  hahaha
f---ing Rob Kardashian
with is "sock line"
what the f---.
 me:  uhhhhhhh
 M:  who is like
"why yes! i would love to start a sock line!"
fancy socks! green socks! soft socks! wool socks! socks of every shape and color!
 me:  hahahahhahahhahahahhaa
how many shapes of socks can there be
 M:  dude, my point exactly
it is the dumbest idea for a business
 me:  well
someone has to make socks
 M:  yaeh
and no one else
 me:  but then they get a monopoly on the sock market!
suddenly the price of socks shoots through the roof!
the economy is completely destabilized by this sock-conundrum and everyone ends up with sweaty feet in their loafers and it's TOTALLY GROSS
 M:  ewwwww
 me:  this is the world where the sock market is not diversified