(sort of) new show alert: the misadventures of AWKWARD black girl

I've been watching this show for the last two days, and it is so awesome. I feel like it's my life. SHE IS SO AWKWARD AND I LOVE IT. Everyone needs to be watching this show. If everyone who's invested in Girls would just watch ABG, then I'd be able to talk to people about this show instead of talking to people about goddamn CupcakeGate.

Seriously, I can't stop watching this show. It's so good. It's so damn good.

Look, I'll give you your first episode as a gimme, right here.

My favorite bit so far is the Hallway. It resonated so hard with my life. I don't know, guys, this show is just like the best.

The episodes average about ten minutes (the first few are shorter), and full of ridiculous quotes.

"White guys are always casual, even when they're dressed up."

Yes. Yes they are.

J: "If you were racist, this date could get awkward! So, glad you're not!"
Jay: "I can't be racist. I... love... the blacks."
/awkward pause.
Jay: "J, I'm kidding!"

And yes, the main character, J, goes out with a guy named Jay.

"God invented liquor because He foresaw spoken word. Praise him."

Seriously dude, this show is amazing. Watch it today. Watch it tomorrow. Watch it all the days.