new show alert: scandal

I'm calling it, guys. We're three episodes in and I'm calling it: Scandal is totally worth watching.

It centers around Olivia Pope, the masterful doyenne of.. PR? I'm not sure what to call what she does. Rich people have bad things happen to them, or do bad things, and she fixes it. Or hangs them out to dry, awesomely (when they deserve it, as in the case of [spoiler] the third episode, wherein a rich party boy, probably about 28, rapes a girl, covers it up, then she kills herself, and her best friend fakes a rape accusation - point being, Olivia does some emotional jiu jitsu on his mother and gets his own mother to call the cops on him, which is just bamf).

She also had an affair with the POTUS. No big.

My only reservation about this show is that it's straight drama, and I don't really normally do that. I prefer my drama to be mixed with a healthy dose of humor, or humanism. See: every crime procedural I'm addicted to (Castle, Psych, sometimes Monk, etc). I guess I just like to see cases of extreme human suffering interspersed with poop jokes.

With Scandal, though, we start out with the new girl, who is hired in the first episode, which is a convenient, if somewhat overdone, plot device. She asks all the questions we have - what happens when we lose? Why are you keeping that girl in your apartment? What about the bloodstains? - since all of the rest of the team, experienced with the work as they are, talk in shorthand.

Basically, I really love the character of Olivia Pope. She's smart, she's hot, she's in control of every situation (to a fault, which should play out interestingly in her future love life, which hopefully will not involve the POTUS, because she could do SO much better than him).

Ah, you say! But doesn't that mean she doesn't show emotion, since she's a woman on TV and can't be complex?

NO! I say! She just keeps it close to the chest, but she definitely has personal feelings about a lot of what's happening, and a lot of personal turmoil (especially over the POTUS situation, because he's kind of being a jerk about it), and that is also part of why this show is so awesome. The women are people. Bam. In your face, TV. In your face.

Anyway, now I have a new dream career: being Olivia Pope.

{watch on hulu}