things to read: CAITLYN GOT ME SICK edition

Actually, I kind of think literally everyone is sick right now. That's what happens when there's warm weather in New York in the winter - the subway turns into a huge incubator, and it's disgusting. Seriously, you get on and you're immediately hit with humidity, that is a mix of not having the air conditioning turned on and everyone wearing their winter clothes. New York, I love you, but you're bringing me down.

Also reminding me of why small towns are great is this post from Mental Floss about bookstore cats.

Here's an excellent example of why I love the Bloggess: this seems like a totally normal conversation in the canon of her life.

Here's Wil Wheaton singing Soft Kitty to his wife.

Mental Floss also live-tweeted the Superbowl, but in the awesome way that you would've hoped they would.

OK Go's new music video is also an ad for a car, but it follows in their trend of intense awesome. In fact, I'm not going to link you to it: I AM PUTTING IT HERE SO YOU MUST WATCH IT.

Did you watch it? I'm not going to give you anything else to look at until you watch it.

Okay. Good. Watch it again for good measure.

My high school friend Collette is writing her thesis on the female orgasm. Yup.

Remember how I was so angry last week? HAHAHAHAHAHA, KOMEN. IN YOUR FACE.

I'm mature.

But also, Planned Parenthood received HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in one day. Thanks, internet. You're a real mensch.

I got a Pinterest account and have subsequently completely lost it. I love pinning things. (As a reminder, you can find all the places where I link to random crap on the internet on an insanely regular basis on my about me page.)

Finally, Caitlyn redeems herself by providing this link about what your favorite Disney villain says about you.