movies on the couch: 50/50 edition

50/50 is a chick flick.

Let's be real, guys. It may be centered around a male character (but what chick flick isn't AMIRITE LOL), but the narrative structure feels awfully familiar.

This is not a bad thing, as I am a huge lover of all flicks that can be defined as chick, and, well, just generally movies, and TV, and all pop culture. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

Here are the main reasons to watch 50/50, in my opinion:
1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt existing
2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt dating
3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt having emotional breakdowns
4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt fighting cancer
5. I totally cried because of Seth Rogen, and when are you ever going to be able to say that again
6. Anjelica Houston existing
7. Anna Kendrick being intensely adorable
8. I totally cried more than once, and I always think that's a good reason to watch a movie

Also did I mention Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it? I love him. I have loved him since Third Rock from the Sun. I loved him in Brick. I really wanted to turn that into a Green-Eggs-and-Ham situation, but I couldn't think of rhymes. Womp womp.

Anyway. It was pretty funny, it was somewhat emotionally intense, it involved a lot of ridiculous bits, and it was really honest. It was written by the real-life version of the JGL character, who is actually best friends with Seth Rogen and who actually had the insane type of cancer that he gets in the movie.

Also, considering that, I think that JGL's character didn't come off as magical and perfect. All of the characters, actually, had the opportunity to express multiple facets, but especially JGL. He was kind of a jerk from time to time, in the way that you probably think you'd react if you found out you had cancer.

Sorry y'alls, I know this is sort of a lazy review. I'm pretty tired from the Superbowl party I went to last night. I had to go to BROOKLYN. SUCH A LONG TRAIN RIDE. Womp womp.

Just kidding, it was totally fun. It was in Brooklyn though. And it is a really long train ride. Seriously. #newyorkproblems

Anyway guys, I can't not recommend a movie that has JGL in it. I don't think I can necessarily give you legit opinions on anything that he's involved in. I think I would even like that G.I. Joe movie he was (barely) in.

Hmmmmmmm. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Get ready for me live-blogging G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Jeez. The things I do for you guys. Luckily CanIStream.It says YES. So I don't have to pay for it specifically. If I did, I might cry.

Also, <insert topical comment re: Superbowl and/or Madonna>.


Also I love Nicki Minaj.