on that recent note, more things to read

Racialicious is a great blog that posts essays from all over the interwebs (they get a lot of guest posts/cross posts/etc.) about all things related to race. They tend to be thought-provoking. My favorites are the posts about pop culture and race, because, let's face it, my pop culture nerdom is probably the biggest segment of my brain.

Fig. 1. Brain structure of redbeanbun. Section defined in pink: pop culture knowledge.  Section in green: ability to walk/talk/eat/wham/bam/thank you, ma'am.  Section in yellow: anger ball.  Section in blue:  rational thought.  Section in gray: remembering offsides rules for various sports (e.g., American football, soccer football, hockey, lacrosse, tennis).  Small white bean section: all other functions.
This New York Times article, about a political party I think we can all get behind.

I'm just gonna let you read this one.

Kate Beaton is finally, FINALLY posting again!!! And Goreys! Goreys are so great. They're one of my favorite things that she does. I just bought two of her books because there was a deal on Topatoco that was two-for-one books, or maybe it was buy two books, get a free T-shirt. I don't know. The point is I now own two very delightful Kate Beaton books, and a new Dinosaur Comics shirt in anticipation of FFTTTMIIWADCSD!

A family in Hawai'i who appear to grow all their own food have undertaken the greatest project of all time. That's right, people. Directions on how to make the Everdeen family dinner on the day of the reaping. GET ON  IT.

And finally, because I can't resist the allure of Ryan North, a recent Dinosaur Comic that investigates the tricky question of non-gendered English pronouns and comes up with an excellent solution.

That's all for now! As a friend once said of me, "She knows everything that happens on the internet." I'm on vacation next week, but I'm trying to keep my updates more consistent, and I'll try to post another "READ THIS, DAMN YOU" digest sometime next week.