Dear other Hunger Games fans, 

I'm sorry - it seems we didn't read the same book. The one that I read had a pretty diverse cast that is, if anything, a teeeeeensy bit whitewashed in the movie casting (for instance, I didn't picture Katniss as being out-and-out caucasian, I thought she was mixed race). 

I do not agree with your sentiments of "OMG WTF BLACK PEOPLE WHY ISN'T CINNA A TWINK LOL LOL I HATE EVERYONE." Your critical reading skills leave something to be desired. Or, perhaps, just your ability to read.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed,
- redbeanbun

(Spoiler warning: some of the screenshot'd comments give things away, but they warn about that in the text of the article as well.)

Nerdgasm: Yes, There Are Black People In Your "Hunger Games"