1. things I recently ate that did not make me sick: several-days-old leftover spicy Indian food; six cups of coffee in one day; most of a chocolate Easter bunny (solid, not thin chocolate walls of bunny); pasta with a chopstick I dropped on the floor and didn't wash.

2. things I recently ate that were likely the causative agents in my feeling like I was going to die last night: a washed apple; pasta. It's also possible I contracted cholera by reading a book about it, which seems about as likely as the other two.

3. I think this article, by Miss Information of Nerve.com (which I have been reading since it was Erin Bradley), has one of the best responses regarding religion I've read in a long time, and echoes to some extent a great conversation I had last night while convalescing in a room away from a party with a new friend: http://www.nerve.com/advice/miss-information/miss-information-198 

4. There is a car alarm that has been going off the majority of nights, from about midnight to six AM, intermittently, at random intervals, so that you think it's done and then it starts again, THAT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE A VIOLIN. I don't even know that it would be bothering me so much if it didn't sound like someone playing an open A with lots of bow lifts. Someone good, clearly, because there's none of that jittery noise when you pick up the bow and can't attack again without taking a second for the bow to catch. But still, like, UGHHGHHHH. Dislike.

5. I got a hamster! His name is PieniKarhu, or PK for short, since "Karhu" turns out to be something that is difficult to pronounce. It means "little bear" in Finnish. (My therapist said it was a good idea to get a hamster. So there.)

6. I'm still waiting to hear back from the law firm, and by "still" I mean "since I went to my second interview on Thursday, which is not a very long time."

7. The book I read about cholera was really interesting and awesome: The Ghost Map, by Steven Johnson. I highly recommend it.

8. I've decided to go with my strengths and do a series of posts completely summarizing several TV shows. It will make it possible for you to discuss said shows without ever having seen them. Hopefully it will also encourage you to watch some of them, so that they make it past the one-season mark, because they're great and I don't want them to fall into the same black hole as "Perfect Couples," which will totally be discussed because it was great but I'm pretty sure it got cancelled.

9. I feel like this list should go to ten.

10. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/11/dogs-dont-understand-basic-concepts.html