work work work

New Jersey looks awfully pretty from the window today. Clear skies, lots of trees, and the north part of the coast, by the GW Bridge, is mostly quaint-looking (but probably obscenely large up-close) houses.

I don't understand people who make "appointments" to meet with you for, say, "sometime between 10-2 or after 6." That is a very large time window. It does give me a nice gap in the middle, starting soon, to do something like go to the gym or find a secondary pair of suitable shoes for a secondary interview that I am too excited about to think about things (thus the gym or the shoes, as opposed to reading Dostoyevsky or something).

Something I learned today: since Arabic has a different alphabet and all things Arabic are spelled phonetically in English, "Osama" and "Usama" are both correct. Sorry for finding you super hilarious, Fox News website. You're only half-hilarious, for "confrims."

In other news, I just found some plant debris in my hair. It has been several hours since I was outside. Clearly I need to interact with more humans. All of my work today has been very computer-related, or scanner-related, which is computer-related in its own way.

Finally, boyfriend has some sort of dressy surprise this evening. Girl in lab has very loud cell phone. Good things, bad things. Balance?