a brief update

Point the first: WATCH BOB'S BURGERS. For some reason, I thought it was from the cartoon sweatshop that creates American Dad and Family Guy, but NO! It's from the genius mind that came up with Home Movies! Which is, let's be real, the greatest thing ever to happen to anyone ever.

I am totally naming my rabbit Honky Magoo.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm taking the biology GRE subject test on Saturday, and as a reward for studying this week (LOL ME STUDYING IS AWFUL) and/or for my continued mental health and/or whatever, I'm getting a pet rabbit. I recently learned that it is recommended that you cuddle your pet rabbit for at least 20 minutes a day. I am ready.

Finally, I've decided that post-exam is the time that I will begin Battlestar Galactica. Prepare yourselves for that. I fully anticipate it being like that episode of Portlandia.

So it's doubtful that I will be able to discuss anything else, I assume.

Anyhoodle, gotta hit the books. Sigh. Everyone feel bad for me in my time of self-imposed test-prep.