My roommate is watching OUaT in the next room, because she got out of work before I did and so I got home and she was ALREADY IN THE MIDDLE OF IT GOSHHHHHH, so obviously I'm hiding in my room with headphones in because SPOILERS and seriously, whatever episode she's on has a lot of fighting happening, and I think I'm two back, because work was nuts last week and I was there from about 9AM-11PM every day, with about 30-45 minutes of travel either side ---

ANYWAY the point is, since I'm behind on OUaT and exiled to my room while my roommate watches it, I will discuss the very frustrating thing that is watching all of Downton Abbey, or really, any show that is at a pause in production (off-season, on hiatus, etc) or truly dead.

Spoilers like woah, though, so, watch out I guess?

Okay. So. Not to be a jerk about Bates, or anything, but I don't really know what they're going to do next season. The War is over, electricity's pretty much cool now, nobody's freaking out about cars anymore. I'm trying to think what the next big deal would be. OH! Thanks, Wikipedia! Apparently 1922 is when (SPOILERS <--kidding! it's a historical event (or as our British friends would say, an historical event) so it can't be spoilers because it happened almost ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO) Ireland seceded from the UK. So, that could happen. I guess there's a bit of the suffragist movement, but Sibyl appears to have completely disappeared from the scene - from the Christmas episode, it's kind of unclear whether or not we're going to be seeing her again.

We lucked out, though, because the producers are denying that Maggie Smith is leaving. I really don't need to know much else to know the next season will hold its own.

FURTHERMORE. Seriously though, I feel like now that Mary and Matthew are agreed, openly, to each other, that they will get married, they can't mess with us on that point anymore. They had a friggin' Ouija board be the voice of poor dead Lavinia saying "MAKE THEM BE HAPPY, THIS IS NOT JUST LAVINIA BUT THE VOICES OF ALL OF YOUR VIEWERS, JULIAN FELLOWES >:(" so I'm pretty sure they can't redact this opinion. Also, 1900s spirits totally used emoticons. Don't question me. I'm an authority.

Seriously though, how glad is everybody to be rid of Lavinia? That poor girl just got battered around like a little mouse, and then she dies in a really dramatic and absurd way. You could not have created a more inoffensive barrier to Mary and Matthew, Julian Fellowes. You really couldn't have. I wanted to dislike Lavinia, but she was just... so... nice... There was nothing to dislike! You're a jerk, Julian Fellowes. At least Mary's fiance guy was a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge asshole, so everyone got to feel the proper YEAH IN HIS FACE at him getting rejected. But Lavinia! That was like setting a basket of kittens on FIRE.

So, that's my Lavinia rant. Sorry bout that.

Oh, and goodness. Can I just say - I mean I'm just going to say this - for being the "other" sister, DAMN does Edith get a lot of play! She's had three or four intrigues! Mary and Sibyl both got short-shrifted on the intrigue thing. Sibyl basically only had her husband-nee-driver, and Mary, okay, Mary had a lot of theoretical offstage flings, and Pamuk, which is still one of the most hilarious things I think I've ever seen, and OKAY so she's been engaged like three times. Guys. I know. I'm just saying, Edith has made out with a married man (farmer), had a weird thing with a guy who may or may not have been an impostor, which, really, that was sort of an aborted storyline if I've ever seen one, and then the old guy, and I think there was another one in there somewhere.

Alright, that's all I can think of now, because I just realized she's about to watch Revenge. This is the problem with headphones. Is you don't know when your roommate starts watching Revenge.


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