obama, you handsome devil, you!

Today was one of those days where everyone on the subway has a copy of AM New York (which, most days, nobody bothers to pick up, unless they left their headphones at home).

But today everybody had one in hand. The last time I saw this happen was when all those prostitutes were getting murdered and left on the beach in Long Island, so that tells you how much it takes for New Yorkers to pick up a copy of AMNY.

I started crying on the subway, because I realized that I could finally see a future where I could get married in my hometown. It had never occurred to me before that I wanted that, but if my feelings today have anything to do with it, I really, really do.

I'm so proud and amazed and grateful to call Barack Obama my president today. I can't wait to vote for him again. I never thought I could feel so personally validated and happy from a political gesture.

And someday, I'm gonna meet the girl of my dreams, and I'm gonna marry her, and I'm gonna be able to do that in my parents' backyard if I want to, with all of my family surrounding me.

And I want to.

{there's this really cool feature on the Times site - I left my comment and you should too.}