why i haven't been posting about OUAT lately

Spoilers under the cut, y'alls.

I don't know how I feel about the fact that literally everyone has to have a secret love backstory. Doesn't anything else ever happen in any of their lives, other than romance? Seriously dudes.

Watching OUaT is getting to be a little bit of a chore for me. I look at it, sitting in my Hulu+ queue, and I think, ughhhhhhhh. It just seems exhausting. I don't know. I still appreciate the intricacy of the plotlines, and I absolutely adore some of the characters, in a very real way, in a tumblr-gif-inducing kind of way, if I knew how to make gifs.

It's just...

I don't know. Maybe I'm alone in this. But it feels like the show is in the doldrums.

Nothing feels like it's dealing with the actual overarching plot; it's just feeling like an expository ploy and not like an actual motivation anymore.

Also, what the hell is going on with Drifter August? He shows up, promises exciting plot development, and then NOTHING. Though the scene between him and Henry, where Henry's drinking his hot chocolate like it's a double whiskey, straight up, is incredibly endearing. I just don't know why I should care that he's doing endearing things.

Though, I have to say. Having Red turn out to be the wolf? That was pretty awesome. I can't believe she ate her boyfriend. I also love that that somehow becomes her superhero origins story.

Anyway, guys, I'm gonna try to be good about posting about it again, since it's one of the few shows I've actually been consistent about posting on, but... /sigh. I just want it to be better