redbeanbun goes to the movies: delicacy with myself

I have so many points I loved about this movie, so I'm gonna break it down by section.

The music

The soundtrack is essentially the album Franky Night by Emilie Simon, and it's sweet, and a little haunting, and beautiful. It's all up in my Spotify right now. The song used in the trailer, Something More, is my new favorite pretend-my-life-is-a-movie song. I think you should listen to it. Think about listening to it. Then listen to it. Then ruminate and get back to me.


I loved the costuming of this movie, so incredibly hard. Audrey Tautou's character, Nathalie, is some kind of successful-ish 30-ish business?woman (her job is never really clear to me, at any point in the movie), and has this fantastic wardrobe of really beautiful pieces, but not too big of a wardrobe. Pieces are repeated and she wears the same pair of beautiful, beautiful high-heeled spectator T-straps through more or less the entire movie. Oh my god, but those shoes were gorgeous. So it feels more like a legitimate wardrobe than that sort of Sex and the City clothing idea that makes a mockery of your carefully-selected statement pieces, because you have to wear them more than once, and who even does that?

Anyway, as much as I adored the high-waisted pants and the SHOES, I challenge anyone to watch that movie and not come out of it thinking I NEED THAT SWEATER about at least one of them.

from filmequals.com

I couldn't find a good picture of my favorite one on the internet, to which I say, THANKS A LOT, INTERNET, but it's actually a sheer cardigan layered over a navy (I think) camisole. It was gorgeous.

Okay, I'm done obsessing over sweaters. (I'm not. I'm just going to stop telling you about them.)

The movie itself

I've said before that I love a good rom-com. I also love Audrey Tautou, in the way that a white midwestern girl who was in high school when she saw Amelie for the first time totally would love Audrey Tautou. In addition to that, I now completely and totally love Francois Damiens. So, people-wise, we're cool.

It starts with your classic, glossy love story, pretty, interesting girl meets handsome, charming man, they fall in love, life happens, he gets hit by a car, she becomes consumed by her career, she becomes so focused on her work that she accidentally kisses a coworker and has zero memory of it. I have now spoiled the first maybe ten minutes of this movie for you.

All in all, I thought that it was incredibly sweet, but it didn't seem cloying to me. Full disclosure, though, I did have two glasses of prosecco as part of my date with myself (one of which was FO' FREE, loooooove Lincoln Center Film Society), so my focus may have been soft, like the film.

It was also heartbreakingly sad at times, and awkward, and charming, and just wonderful. I found it to be sort of clever, but not too clever, and also wonderfully French.

For instance, one of my favorite lines: "Being with Francois made time disappear.... Is that what love feels like? Weeks without Thursdays?"

Am I so right about the Frenchiness? I'm right.

Anyway, I thought it was sweet, and sad, and charming, and overall pretty damn delightful. It made me laugh out loud, it gave me shivers up my spine and a thrill in my chest, and all in all, it was the best thing to watch for an evening spent romancing myself.