occupy the empty space (nyc activity alert)

Sorry for the wonkiness of the pic here, I don't know what I did,
but it was apparently somewhat wrong.

My good friend Sarah is one of the people behind Occupy the Empty Space, which is somehow both theater and political action movement, all at once!

The idea for the festival came from the housing crisis, wherein there is empty living space available but it remains unaffordable to people who need it.

Sarah says: "Space is so valuable these days, and
yet it is often abandoned or wasted. In NYC there is a 'lack of space,' or so it seems--but really, there is
plenty of it. Apartments, parking lots, all sorts of shelter and open areas--but they've been purchased by large corporations who aren't doing anything with their real estate except separating valuable resources from those who need it."

The event will feature FIFTEEN BRAND-SPANKING NEW ten-minute plays and a bunch of teach-ins, which I understand are like a class, but for free, and in public, and for everybody. Or something.

Anyway, it sounds really cool, I think Sarah has a play in it, and it's FREE. The plays could be awesome or they could be terrible, but it's definitely something different and interesting to do with your weekend, AND you even get to feel like you're doing something good by being there. Hot damn, NYCers. That's so many good things!

I'll be there, probably wearing this shirt, so please stop by and let me know if you're a reader! I'd love to meet you and give you the highest of fives for supporting my awesome friend and her awesome co-conspirators and the mammoth juggernaut of a festival that has been eating all of her time and keeping her too busy to hang out with me lately. Also, I'm totally gonna keep score on how many people I manage to get to go to there, and claim that I won (pretty much regardless of how many people I recruit).

Also, sorry for the huge delay in posting! I realized I needed a break from the internet when I made some joke about being a cross between HelloGiggles and The Bloggess, mixed with Dinosaur Comics. I needed some real-life-time. And now you can get that too! With me! And then we can be like, pfft, this isn't just a BLOG, on the INTERNET, it's a community! And we can hug, and talk about the internet.

Hope to see you there!