a conversation

So, last night I watched the new episode of Revenge, and decided to live-blog it to my sister (who had already watched it several hours before). Links were added in for clarity, swears were edited for... prudity? But otherwise this is exactly how we interact.

Warning: Spoilers (and many swears) for Revenge, episode Chaos follow:

 redbeanbun:  Oh my lord, so tired. Delivery it is.
 originalbun:  it's digiorno!
 r:  Hahahahahaha. I'm calling the bodega. They will bring me beer.
 ob:  New york is a different world
 me:  Indeed it is, and a magical one.
 me:  Oh my god, Revenge. OH MY GOD REVENGE.
 ob:  RIGHT?!
 me:  So f*cking awesome and it's been five seconds.
 ob:  did you just start it?
 me:  Yes!!!
 ob:  nice!!
 me:  Oh my god Tyler. Wtf
 ob:  Right? Where the hell did that come from?
TLo called it, by the way
Those saucy bitches
 me:  No idea!!!
 ob:  i read that last week and was like NO waaaaay, you guys are so off.
but nope!
 me:  Hahahahaha. Oh food, get here faster
 ob:  hahaha
 me:  I ordered it all of five minutes ago
 ob:  OUTRAGE!!
 me:  I know.
 me:  Holy sh*t, did she have a secret second gun?
 ob:  of COURSE she did
or Nolan made it sound like she bought a new one right away
 me:  She pulled that sh*t out of nowhere
 ob:  uh, hello
hamptons batman
 me:  She's a damn magician
 ob:  behind that boring face
 me:  See, even better that she look sorta meh
 ob:  it's true
although i still dont' buy her body shape as a rich person
that's the one failing
those expensive clothes never look that good on her
 me:  Hahahahahaha, WHAT?
 ob:  except the white sleeveless top she wears
 me:  No, but they rarely look good on real people
 ob:  right
victoria and charlotte look more like rich people
they're all willowy and weird
 me:  No no, victoria looks like.she worked for her money, in her way
 ob:  like, HOOKIN
 me:  She has the look of, I know what it cost to get here, I'm not letting anything stop me, especially not something so silly as a decaying meat sack
Also that white top is maaaad cute
 ob:  i want it
warehouse has one that is similar
 me:  Is it cheap?
 ob:  not terribly
 me:  Grandpa grayson looks evil
 ob:  yeah he does
 me:  Also, what is jack's weird religion thing all of a sudden
Father rick or whatever
 ob:  he's a fisherman
they're dumb
 me:  Ugh
I hate him
He is straight up evil
Ohhhhh sh*t
 ob:  he's the devil
 me:  She IS batman
Ohhhh sh*t, amanda/emily faceoff!
 ob:  right?
 me:  Also, quite a lot of black gloves
Everyone's wearing gloves
 ob:  they're all expert crooks
 me:  Obvi
Gore Vidal is endorsing Dennis Kucinich
Thought you'd like to know
 ob:  it's like you're speaking lebanese
 me:  That is how I roll
Ugh jack is so... Ugh
 ob:  he's like dopey
the dwarf
 me:  Yeah
She gets her dog back!
 ob:  i know!
 me:  That would be the worst part
Going back, knowing that is your dog
 ob:  yeah, it'd be way sad
 me:  Go make little volunteer babies
 ob:  hahaha, that was a good line
 me:  F*cking love nolan
He's my hero
 ob:  hahaha
 me:  Whaaaaaaaaaaa? Is whatsisface getting a backbone?
 ob:  which his face?
 me:  Young lad grayson
 ob:  oh yes, that fellow
i feel bad for him
he's also kind of dopey
but has that gq shoot
 me:  hahahahahahha, ohhhh yes he does
God, tyler is a lunatic
 ob:  totes
 me:  Good party, though
Red is totally a great color for like all the ladies
 ob:  true, they all have their coloring all right for that
 me:  Oooooooh, victoria! What are you doing with that SEC thing!
 ob:  she's gonna screw him
all mean
 me:  Ooooooooh, emily! Where did you get that sexy holster?
 me:  Nice move with the hanger
So many things
 ob:  yeah, don't f*ck with a former child con
 me:  Seeeriously
This is such an action-packed episode
Of coooourse nolan is just chillin with his surveillance ipad
 ob:  right? now you know why i was freaking out
 me:  Oh my lord. So many things. Oh my lord.
 ob:  hahahaha
 me:  Yeah, she was bleeding
You are too slow jack
Just too damn slow
 me:  I'm sorry you were unable to do this at me
Damn time zones
 ob:  seriously
 me:  Oh my GOD
 me:  Wtf is happenong
 me:  oh my F*CKING GOD
 ob:  yeah, i'm a little confused on that bit
 me:  Whaaaaaa
Holy SH*T
 ob:  you didn't figure that out at the beginning of the episode?
 me:  I wasn't paying close enough attention
The takeda bit was emily being a revenge ninja
 me:  Wtf? And now it's over????
Why did it stop
 ob:  because it's AWESOME
 me:  I wasn't ready for the end of the episode
God it's so awesome
Sosososososososososoososo awesome
 ob:  i love shows
 me:  Hahahaha
 ob:  so wait
what do you think happened to amanda?
 me:  I think takeda may be thinking of "silencing" her
 ob:  he's not going to kill her
i meant with her bloody head, though
 me:  Something something tyler something
 ob:  ah yes
excellent theory
 me:  I spent quite a lot of energy developing it
 ob:  i can tell
 me:  Now I'm digesting
 ob:  nice
 me:  Literally, ate some food. Digesting it.
 ob:  literally.
 me:  Literally.
 ob:  what'd you eat
 me:  A burrito
 ob:  oh maaaaan
i wish i had a burrito
 me:  It was really good.