the girl with the thing like a lizard

So, on Sunday night, when I met with my best friend at our favorite bar, we got into a spirited debate about the choice for the new Lisbeth Salander, Rooney Mara.

Jacks said she was too pretty and too delicate, and that something she had really appreciated about Noomi Rapace was that the woman is all muscles.

"She's practically a square! Of pure muscle!" cried J.

"They aren't that physically different!" cried I. "And besides, Rooney Mara looks grittier in her Lisbeth getup than Noomi Rapace did."

[Also, has anyone else noticed that both of those names are AMAZING? And should always be said as full names, preferably in the same sentence?

I digress.]

Jacks countered by saying that she thought Rooney Mara looked "too pretty and feminine."

Cut to gchat this morning:

9:54 AM on Tuesday
 jacqueline:  ughh it's starting to get so cold
 me:  why are you not rectifying this coffee-in-lap situation
with, like, towels
 jacqueline:  i did
 Sent at 9:56 AM on Tuesday
 jacqueline: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 me:  right?!?!
oh, also, i saw another trailer for girl with the dragon tattoo last night, and you were right, she is sticks
i hadn't seen the bit where she's like, hunched over and wet before
 jacqueline:  hahaha
i dunno, i saw a trailer, she is less prettied up than i'd thought
 me:  hahahah!
love it
also, i think a big part of what made lisbeth so like, controversial as a character, is that she is a female who talks bluntly and openly about sex
that is disturbing to people
like, she talks about sex without being sexy about it
 Sent at 10:00 AM on Tuesday
 jacqueline:  hahaha
that is disturbing
and will lead to the downfall of our society and ladies having lots of sex, which they should not do. because of god.
 Sent at 10:02 AM on Tuesday
 me:  FACT

We are both straight-up terrible at maintaining our opinions. And at linear conversations. And at not using "like."

Okay, so the "like" thing is all me. Hmm.