more good news, but significantly nerdier


It appears that I have not failed entirely at my job. I managed to scare some PCR product out of a majority of bacterial samples and a ghastly minority of fungal samples. What is the deal, fungal DNA? Don't you like having little bits of you copied? Why aren't you cooperative like bacteria is? This is why everybody studies E. coli  and like four people ever are mycologists.

 see? I'm not just saying it! I'm BACKING IT UP WITH SCIENCE.

Sorry, molds and fungi. I like you. I do. You're just a huge pain to deal with, especially when it's my students trying to isolate your DNA.

I guess, though, that there's also a lot more bacteria, maybe. Maybe? I mean there is a lot of bacteria. And it's more likely to be pathogenic. I mean, how many times has it really been a fungal infection on House? Not that many, friends. Not that many.

I bet there's a blog just about that. Like that and absolutely nothing else. Which is weird to consider.

ANYWAY. My point is that I have managed to make things work where perhaps they were not really planning on working! I am a successful polymerase-chain-reactor.