here i am, rock me like a hurricaaanneee

Alright! So! Film reviews based on things I watched while there was a hurricane on!

In this post: No Country for True Grit! I honestly forgot for a minute the name of this movie. BUT LO, I HAVE REMEMBERED IT, FOR IT WAS QUITE A GOOD MOVIE.

I'm also losing my mind; if you want access to my brain more often, you should be following me on Tumblr. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why I've gone bonkers OVER THERE. Find it! Or don't.

Anyway! True Grit! Hailee Steinfeld was spectacular. Matt Damon was great, sometimes bordering on creepy ephebophile, but he didn't stay on that too long so I feel like it was more of a product-of-the-times than ew-dude-seriously-what. Jeff Bridges was drunk basically the entire time and I honestly didn't understand half of what he said and it was GLORIOUS.

I don't know. What do you want me to say? It was a good movie. You should see it. It's fairly hilarious mostly up until it gets VERY VERY VERY sad. The switchover is fairly abrupt. But it's still good.

TA-DA. WORST MOVIE REVIEW I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. This in no way reflects back on True Grit, but instead on the part where I have this new prescription that makes me super drowsy. YAY BRAINS.