Important crafting update!

I probably irritate both Tai and my sister for only adding to this once every blue moon. This post has nothing to do with TV or the Kardashians, so that might make it even more upsetting. However, I thought I had to alert the internet that I found this:


I am a huge fan of trolling Pinterest for things that make me go, w.t.f.? and this one may be the grand winner in all of Pinterest.

As much as I love handmade, 3 foot tall animals, I don't know that I will ever need any information for DIY Sweater Wolves. Even if you did make these, what do you do with them? If your kids are anything like I was until I was about 15, those things will definitely be the harbingers of nightmares that they will think about into their mid-twenties.

If anyone has any Pinterest finds to top this, holler at me. I want to see them.