inspiration via text message

I'm waiting on hurricane Irene (Hurricane Irene? I'm not sure how to capitalize hurricanes) and sent a text to my parents about my preparations:

"Hurricane watch 2011: plant is secured inside, nearly all possible containers filled with drinkable water, broadway cancelled, bagel consumed."

Somehow, from this, my father remembered that I used to be quite the talented writer, back in the day, and called to say that I need to write a book. He even had ideas for what they should be!

Premise 1: a humorous novella about growing up non-Mormon in the most Mormon of all Mormon places
Premise 2: a biography of a spy or something, it sounds way cooler than I just described it, but then I realized I don't want to leak details of this project just yet, because it could be BIG, y'alls.

I've been thinking about getting back into writing for aaaaaaaaaages, but somehow inspiration refuses to strike. I think the conceit of stranger-in-a-strange-Mormon-land is something I'd like to work on, and would you look at that? There's a damn hurricane coming up the east coast, trapping me in my apartment or as far as I'm willing to walk in a downpour. WRITING HO!

Hahaha. I didn't mean I'm a literary whore. I didn't. I promise.