I am officially cool.

By that I of course mean that I actually have a day and a time for my interview with Big Fancy Law Firm. I am so excited. I can't even really explain how excited I am for this interview. I get to wear a suit! I get to have a suit at all!

As far as double standards go, that is one that I think is lame. Boyfriend claims that more or less every guy has a suit by the time he's in college. I think this is perhaps an overstatement but I don't know. At the same time, I know exactly zero women my age who own a suit. BOO.

Also, pouring my coffee, so black it is almost chewy, just now reminded me of an exchange with my dad when everybody was in town for my graduation last year. Backstory (sort of): my boyfriend is black, I am white.

Dad: What do you want?
Me: Coffee
Dad: Do you want milk and sugar?
Me: No, I like my coffee black.
Dad: LIKE YOUR MEN??? *grins*
Me: How long have you been waiting to do that?
Dad: Kind of a while.

Thanks, Dad. You are great.

My next post: pictures of dogs! Seriously though. I'm just going to post all the surreptitious dog photos I've been sneaking with my phone of late.