confidential to new yorkers

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been slowly compiling a bunch of cool things to do in this calendar, which you can find on the side of this page somewhere, like

over there --->>>

(scroll until that points to the calendar, it's like magic!)

ANYWAY, it includes things like the free movie screenings in Bryant and Williamsburg Bridge Park, which I never remember and so never get around to, and I'll be throwing in pretty much anything else I can find (the city is lousy with free things to do in the summer). You can subscribe to the calendar, I think? Probably? Maybe. I'm not really sure.

So, if you know of other stuff going on, let me know (I'm aware of the Historical Society's beer tour of NYC thing and that will be going in there, as well as the Governor's Island Guide, and whenever the waterfront stuff comes out, I'll add that too).

Or, also, if you're putting on a show or something, let me know! That kind of thing is what makes the New York world turn, or something.

Or maybe that's old Joe Pulitzer.