things you should read: wow it has been a long time edition

This is going to be a super-massive post: save it for a rainy day, or something.

from deviantart, user arseniic

[h/t originalbun] Amber Tamblyn convinces Tyrese that she's Amber Rose; Tyrese doesn't like it. Make sure to listen to the demos, as they are a delight.

My favorite historical feud is now, and generally has been, the feud between Tesla and Edison. I think it all began for me with Coffee and Cigarettes, where Jack White explains a Tesla coil. Why? Because he can.

Hank is a cat, running for senate. Dogs are piiiiiissed.

My friend Collette posts a really upsetting story about a complete lack of professionalism and genital-shaming. Womp womp.

In the realm of depressing stories, this one from Nerve made me feel deflated.

So, let's all find copies of this error code guide, and live it.

Sometimes PETA can sort of be irresponsible assholes, and Wyatt Cenac does an excellent job of putting that back on them.

INTERVIEW WITH LADIES OF COMMUNITY!!!! :D :D :D :D Sorry. Can't control myself. So great.

If you've been feeling down because Rush Limbaugh is a jerk, or because your state is trying to pass a transvaginal ultrasound law, go to Men Who Trust Women and maybe feel like the entire world isn't trying to destroy vaginas.

I'm going to work on getting a feelings washroom installed in my workplace.

I love everything about this.

A new theory on how to watch Star Wars is making the rounds. General consensus: agreed.

This running update post about celebrities holding things is awesome, and I recommend checking it every so often just in case.

Pretty Little Liars is an awesome show, that I theoretically should be blogging about, and here's why.

It's learning time! Let's learn about cultural appropriation in fashion! Yay thinking!

Now let's learn what Supreme Court Justices do, courtesy of SCJ Sonia Sotomayor and Sesame Street.

Try out this video for size, and let me know how you do. I got 20/26!

Also, a great article by someone you would definitely want on your kid's PTA.

Lastly, because this is crazy long and how did I get so far behind on these links, is this open letter to Hollywood, saying, basically, "It's not piracy's fault the film industry is dying; it's because you won't make good movies." (/slow clap.)