life, as she is played

Hello, loves!

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been sort of slacking in the posting department lately. Mainly because things are kind of crazy busy these days. Some of it is really good, and some of it is just normal, and a very small amount of it is not awesome, but for the most part it's just life happening and that is that.

So, in the interest of keeping you, my lovely readers, coming back for more, I'm going to enact a more stable posting schedule. I'm going to promise you all (for the time being) at least the following:

  • A TV-or-movie-based post on Tuesdays
  • A NY Dating Rules post on Thursdays
  • Live-Tumblr'ing my watching of OUaT for the rest of the season, which will happen when it happens, GEEZ GET OFF MY BACK
I'm really gonna have to up my Monday night pop-culture consumption for you all. I hope you appreciate what I do for you. Because it's all for you

Anyway, I hope this makes everyone's Sunday night, or something. I like how I started this as a writing exercise and I have hardly written any fiction since I started (over a year ago. CONGRATS, SELF!). 

Alright. Love you all. You're the best

(As always, if 3 times a week is not enough to see what I care about, you can find links to my various social networks on this page.)