Well, as of the 27th I will be officially employed. Thank everything. What a huge relief. And at Big Fancy Law Firm, no less!

That said, boyfriend made the excellent point of "Why don't you write anymore?" (Me: "I don't know." Him: "Then do it." Excellent motivation, babycakes.)

I'm going to post some older stuff I wrote, and hopefully newer things, and why not, this should be an exercise in writing anyway, right?

Anyway, happy birthday to me. An excellent birthday week was had. I'm sure I enjoyed my actual birthday, though I do not entirely recall it, as it seems that the goal of your friends on your birthday is to destroy you by sneakily refilling your drink. I appreciate the thought, but maybe it could come in some other form next year? Like cupcakes? Last time I checked, it is hard to refill a cupcake.