this conversation lasted nearly an hour.

me: my iGoogle hamster is freaking out
he's running on his wheel like it's his job
Mr. TB: haha
what powers the ihamster
what motivates his running
other than a flash script caught in a loop or something
me: i have no idea
he's very into it though
sometimes he sleeps
Mr. TB: he is a hamster enigma
a mirror of the soul
but you know, a hamster mirror
me: hahahaha
i like to think he is representing what my real hamster is doing at home right now
except, i'm pretty sure he's sleeping, since he only runs on his wheel when i'm trying to sleep
Mr. TB: hahaha
sadist hamster!
what is his name
me: PK
it stands for pieni karhu, which means little bear in finnish
Mr. TB:awwwwwwwwwww
do you have a normal cage or one of those twisted dr seuss hamster dungeons
me: he has two cages, it is an estate
Mr. TB: ooo
me: hamsterton estates
Mr. TB: haha
  La Casa H├ímster
me: Hamsdor Palace
Mr. TB: Hamdon Yard
me: Hamfork Ranch
Mr. TB: Villa Hamteria
me: Hamthering Heights
Mr. TB: haha
Mr. TB: Burj Al Hamster
me: Taj Mahamster
Mr. TB: The Forbidden Hamster
me: La Cage aux Hamsters
Mr. TB: Westhamster Abbey
me: hahaa nice
  Notre Hamster
Mr. TB: Machu Hamchu
me: Leaning Hamster of Pisa
Mr. TB: hahaha
  Great Wall of Hamster
me: Hanging Hamsters of Babylon
Mr. TB: Stonehamster
me: Grand Hamyon
Mr. TB: Angham Wat
me: The Isle of Ham
Mr. TB: The Persian Ham
me: Hamsinki
Mr. TB: Hampolis
me: Hamitol Hill
Mr. TB: 30 Hamster Plaza
me: Hamvard Square