allen gregory, i hardly knew thee

After watching the pilot of Allen Gregory, the new Jonah Hill animation vehicle, I have to say the following:

"It's just a little pinot greeeej at lunch, Gina!" - Allen Gregory.

There have never been so many subtle old school references interspersed with a poop joke before in pop culture, and I would know.

Really loving the voice actors involved.

All the same, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to watch it based largely on two things: the first being the relationship between AG's parents - a gay male couple, but one of the partners has a speech about persistence that openly states that the other partner stalked him into a relationship, and out of his previous hetero marriage. It's just like... c'mon, guys, watch the news. The worst thing you can do to gay people, on TV in a seemingly gay-positive show, is have a "conversion"/stalking/predatory gay storyline. Let us not.

The other stumbling point is the other child - an adopted Korean girl, who is completely ignored by the parents. Not sure what Fox has against adoption/adopted kids. Not really sure what the deal is with that.

I might give it another shot, largely because, well, it's 20 minutes per episode, and I think I can give it another 20 minutes. I could use that time to also fold some laundry or something. I don't know.

It honestly... Really, why do you need to have a monologue about stalking when you have a random dude giving advice to a weight-lifting eight-year old about why he wasn't willing to work on Bones because they wanted David Boreanaz, then dropping a symbolic mic and walking out of the room? That was awesome. It made very little sense. I just... I just... /sigh. I WANT HIGH-MINDED IDEALISM FROM MY POOP JOKE SHOWS.