never walk into a petsmart on kitten adoption day

My best friend and I have been obsessively taking sneaky pictures of dogs and texting them to each other, generally with a message that says something like "WAAAAAAAAAAAAANT." We both really want a dog, and are both in absolutely no position to get one. She's considering internships in Europe and jobs that would keep her in Tunisia or like Bhutan or something for half the year, and though I've been getting pretty consistent messages from the universe that I should avoid moving for a while, the siren song of quietly polite Finns has not gone away.

Yesterday, as I was wandering around with an hour to kill between a doctor's appointment and a tutoring session, I happened past the Morningside Heights Petsmart, which had a very large sign, declaring that inside, many kittens were present and sad and needed adoption. Of course, the logical thing to do in this situation is always sprint far, far away, but in I went, heedless of my safety.

Luckily, a girl I sort of knew and never got along with in college was the one manning the kitten table, so I walked quickly past, hearing only one or two petulant mews from the mostly comatose cat table. However, this drove me into the section of small pets - hamsters, parakeets, reptiles.

There was a baby corn snake that almost got me. I love corn snakes; they're almost my favorite reptile. Legless lizards have a slight advantage but corn snakes and milk snakes are adorable. But then, THEN! I saw the most ridiculous looking animal I have ever seen - a tiny hamster with fur sticking up in all directions, like it had just woken up. Never have I seen an animal that would've looked so much more like itself if it were wearing glasses.

I haven't gotten him yet, though. I do have a roommate, who seems amenable to the idea, so long as I get one of those exercise balls and occasionally let him ramble at random through the house.

Maybe the corn snake, too. I mean, it needs a home!