how on earth could I be any more obvious?

There's something very unusual about graduation, which is where I feel I'm headed at the moment. It's funny, the last year has felt a little bit like my senior year. I did my semester abroad (language-learning internship in Finland), then I came back to school and have just been focused on one class (sure, I'm teaching it, but, you know, same difference). So now, with the end of the semester coming up, and the end of my job, it feels an awful lot like graduating.

On the bright side, people like me enough to talk to me about jobs. On the shady side, the economy is what it is and the hiring market is insanely competitive. At least I can count on babysitting jobs. People generally need other people to make sure their children don't fall out the window when they go out on occasion, and so long as I have my second surrogate mom telling people I'm delightful and great with kids, I should be okay on that front. Which is good. I may be a little more dependent than I'd like on babysitting until I find a new job. I do like babysitting, that's not the problem. The problem is more that it's difficult to get 40 hours a week of babysitting.

There's a job recruitment session I'm going to tonight, unluckily in my normal work clothes (i.e., slightly nice-ish collegiate wardrobe (so not sweats, but not much better)). I only got the email about it a few hours ago, while I was at work, and I have to be here to advise my students until the recruitment session starts, essentially. Yay. Hopefully my dedication to work is the thing that is memorable from that.

In other incredibly exciting news, I saw a giant foot today next to Morningside Park.