shows to maybe watch update: it's saturday and binx is running all over my living room edition

I've promised him that if when we move to Michigan because I got into grad school and got a graduate assistantship and grants that we can move into a place that has carpet so he can actually move around on the floor without slipping. As it is now, I'm putting sheets and towels and stuff on the floor so he can hop around, but then he starts sprinting and it slides under him and kind of defeats the entire purpose.

my house is turning into a giant bunny run.
Look at him sitting there, being like, yes, human, you will concede to my purposes. Whatever, he's like two months old, I'm sure we'll work this out in time.

ANYWAY TV SHOWS! This post may contain spoilers for anything that is currently on the air, so, you know, skip paragraphs where you aren't caught up I guess? All gifs link back to their source tumblrs.

Right, so, Vampire Diaries is back! Also SEVERELY tugging at my Damon-based heartstrings. In the most recent episode there's an entire scene that is just Damon sitting by Alaric's grave, talking to him as though Alaric is there (his ghost is, and looks at him with a sort of sad bemusement, and it's F'ING TRAGIC). God. I just. I can't. I cannot, Vampire Diaries. This ish is so sad. I love Damon more than anyone else on that show, by like, fifty thousand times. Except maybe Jeremy. He is also tragic and marvelous. Or Caroline. Okay nevermind I love that entire show. Anyway, some kind of supernatural vampire hunter is in town - we know he's supernatural because Jeremy can see tattoo-like markings on his skin, and nobody else can, so I'm guessing he's some sort of Van Helsing-y thing, or maybe a brujo in the wake of True Blood's last couple seasons. I only say brujo because apparently they can turn into demons. Anyway, he's insane and puts the lives of humans at risk and doesn't seem to mind being very public in his efforts. I am kind of confused as to where this all is going.

Soooo I just finished catching up with True Blood and gatdamn, that show is nonsense. I'm glad Bill finally sucks on the show, because I never really liked him and I kind of wished he would go away. For the last like five seasons. Give or take. Anyway, they've gone WAY off-book and they are definitely separate universes. Weirdly enough, I kind of feel like the TV universe is happier than the book universe, because in the TV universe, Claude is just sorta nice and the vast majority of his sisters are still alive. Also, Hadley's still alive. They are far more generous to the good guys on the TV show than Charlaine Harris is in the books. She has a near George R. R. Martin view of character-disposability. I guess it's entertaining, and I'm kind of into the Tara-Pam thing, but I'm also creeped out by the incestiness of everything. I don't know. I hope it ends soon, because it's just gone way off the rails and jumped like seventy sharks. At this point they've jumped sharks over sharks. I don't know. It's just bonkers. Oh, and Andy Bellefleur now has four half-fae daughters. Dopey dad plus supernatural babies hilarity! Brought to you by season six of True Blood. Guhhhhhh.

Actually, now that I've written about True Blood, I find myself not wanting to think of any other shows, because it may just make me sad. I also just realized this entire post is about vampire shows. So, in case you were wondering, Castle is being a magical thing of beauty this season, and it's making me incredibly happy, and you should all be watching it. I'm just gonna let Stana Katic gif us out of this one.