new (to me) shows to watch: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES :D

So, in my junior year of college, I took a semester off, because REASONS (lol it was depression guys lol). 

Anyway, I was in the airport, waiting for my flight back home, where I would end up spending a useful, formative and amazing 8 months, I stood in the airport bookstore and thought to myself, "What is the absolute anti-college?"

I ended up with a copy of Twilight and the first book of the Gossip Girl series. My reading of Twilight quickly went from ironic to painfully legit. I am still embarrassed about it to this day.

The thing is, guys, that I love fantasy, and I love vampires, and I love how completely creepy they are and everyone's sort of like, "Yeah, whatever, this WOULD be pedophilia except for that he LOOKS like he's her age!" (And let's not even discuss what goes down in Interview with a Vampire and the icky icky she-doesn't-even-look-the-same-age... eughghghh.)

BUT SO ANYWAY. My point is that my reading Twilight quickly spiraled into an obsession with True Blood, the Southern Vampire series (same universe as True Blood but with slightly different stuff going down), reading ALL OF THE TWILIGHT SERIES and I even went to one of the movies (in theaters, but not sober, and it was kind of a hilarious evening all-around, and I was bribed by my friend to go, because she really wanted to see it, etc. I KNOW. I KNOW. I'M STILL ASHAMED.), and so on and so forth.

And the thing is, I'm still a feminist. I'm still disappointed in these narratives that have so much potential to be awesome, but end up placing a weak human female in a position where she needs to be saved by her abusive boyfriend, who is also a douche or betraying her in some way. That's pretty much the backstory to all the vampires.


But then, guys. My darling friend Caitlyn, she of the excellent commentary during Coriolanus, said to me, "WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING THE VAMPIRE DIARIES YET, WHAT THE HELL, WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS." She then repeated that ad nauseum for like six months. 

And then, on a Sunday after my birthday celebrations when both my roommate and I were too hungover to leave the couch, we spent FIFTEEN HOURS watching the Vampire Diaries.



I'm not kidding. My roommate doesn't even really like to do TV marathons, and she and I were both simultaneously trying to talk each other into and out of just watching straight through till the morning.

The Vampire Diaries is the vampire show of my vampire dreams. Vampire.

Honestly though, it's great. The scary parts are actually legitimately scary (I think my roommate actually screamed at one point), the acting is top-notch, the funny parts are AMAZING and fantastic and so what I'm REALLY saying is the writing is great.

AND MY FAVORITE PART is Elena (Nina Dobrev, aka Mia Jones from Degrassi) and what a solid human she is. She's not some superhuman fighting machine - in fact, she's not superhuman at all (as of yet - I'm just getting into the second season, so maybe she is or something?). She's just a person. But she's fierce, and she's smart, and she's funny. She stands up for herself and she takes control of situations. She doesn't let her vampire boyfriend get away with murder (figuratively or literally). She has an actual legitimate relationship based on mutual trust and understanding with her vamp boyf, which is literally a completely new experience in vampire canon, unless someone can prove otherwise.

SO BASICALLY, you should be watching this show. It's amazing and it has hot people and also did I mention that Katerina Graham is a witch with weird bangs, because she is.

Also, you can fully expect me to start posts on the new episodes once I'm caught up to real-time. This is just my post saying, PLEASE START WATCHING THIS SHOW AND GET ALL CAUGHT UP so that when I start those posts, you will be with me. We can be there together. And we can all just enjoy things like this forever and always:

I got this image from a Vampire-Diaries-based tumblr. Oh tumblr.
Did I mention I have a huge crush on Nina Dobrev? No? Well now you know.