the stable boy (1:18), or, how my conflicted feelings get even sadder

So, the newest OUaT finally explains why EQ hates Snow. I'm disappointed.

Let's put the spoilers where they need to live, shall we?

Okay, so. I think I can get behind the THEORY of this episode. Like, yes, this little girl inadvertently ruining EQ's chances of happiness by telling her mother she was going to elope IS, I suppose, a reasonable enough reason to hate her forever. I mean, I GUESS. It certainly makes more sense than Snow being the recipient of her late husband's love, or something something Sidney and a snake and something something (who really knew what all that was about, anyway).

Here are my issues.

One, (nearly) EVERYONE's acting was pretty awful. I don't know how this happened. It had to have been really top-notch awfulhood for me to notice it, because I seriously never notice bad acting. I don't notice Keanu-levels of bad acting.

The little girl Snow, while pulling off an admirable knowledge of how Ginnifer Goodwin's face works (seriously, some of her expressions were uncanny), jumped from emotion to emotion with very little bridging, and Regina? What happened to you, Regina? Where did you go? Are you just not good at playing nice? Siiiiiiigh.

The thing is, I could get behind nice, young, happy, pants-wearing Regina. That was fine. That, I had zero issue with. I could see how, in the blush of youth and love, she could've been the kind of woman who saves a little girl on a runaway horse. Yup. I'm on your side there.

The thing that I really didn't understand was when she started to hate Snow. You could see on her face that she was choosing to blame this child in that exact moment, when the whole time she has this insanely evil witch mother to scape all her goats, who was actually the bad one. (I did like, though, that we saw where Regina got the idea of taking out peoples' hearts and crushing them. Very John-Lithgow-in-Dexter, Regina.)

I just didn't buy it. Siiiigh. It's the most believable reason we've gotten for Regina wanting to ruin Snow's life, and I actually really loved the moment where they're in the jail, and she wipes the tear off MM's face, and says that she knows MM didn't kill Blonde Wife Whose Name I Can Never Remember Even Though She Shows Up at the End of the Episode, but that she deserves everything that's coming to her. That was awesome.

I'm sorry, guys, I guess I just really love Evil Regina better than Nice Warm Fuzzy Regina.


In the rest of the show, we got NOT NEARLY ENOUGH HENRY and NOT NEARLY ENOUGH GOLD/RUMPLESTILTSKIN. I do love that Gold is being MM's lawyer, and I don't really know what he's getting at, but I just love him being around. Can the whole show be scrapped and turned into Celebrity Death Match: Rumplestiltskin vs. Regina Edition? Though, I noticed (somehow for the first time) last night that someone working on that show worked on Lost, which makes the entire thing make far more sense.

I think I'm into DA and Emma, guys. Even though I'm a little worried that it's going to get all Star Wars and they're going to turn out to be siblings or something. I'm actually REALLY worried about that. It could really happen.

So, yeah. I'm not going to talk about Blonde Wife coming back, because we all saw that coming. I'm just going to say that I really wish they had written that scene with Regina deciding to hate Snow a bit better. Siiiiiiiiiiigh. REGINA CAN'T WORK WITH NOTHING, SCRIPTWRITERS/PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS. Don't ruin her for me. Don't you do it.