Quote of the day: "I'm really passionate about socks."

Today has not been the best of days - continuing my waking up late streak, my school sponsored money card not working, breaking down in tears while waiting for my sandwich to be handed to me. I kept trying to remedy this through various things - 40 pounds of cheese on my pasta, long shower, reading Gawker for a good chunk of time, but nothing seemed to fix the funk.


I decided to watch Khloe & Lamar, featuring the tallest Kardashian and her giant NBA player husband. I don't want to spoil how good this terrible show is for any of you, but I will give the teaser that within the first three and a half minutes:

  • there is a serious conversation about socks and their importance to a man
  • Lamar goes around the house in Khloe's hat and says "ooh, I'm lookin so fantastic" to himself in a mirror
I'm slightly embarrassed to endorse a Kardashian product, however Khloe & Lamar are funny cats. Khloe's voice can at times create violent flashbacks to 2007ish and Paris Hilton's heyday, and Rob (the poor brother in that klatch of ladies) can be quite the whiner, but that usually isn't enough to keep me from watching. They don't seem quite as vapid as the rest of the krew and they are the perfect fix for a not so perfect day. If anyone else would like to discuss the really embarrassing shows they enjoy, feel free. This is a sharing place.

p.s. - I know the whole Kardashian, leopard-printed, 14-inch-heel-louboutin, baby-voiced, general-sex-object deal may be (read:is) just a tad off from redbeanbun's feministy posts. I can't help it that I like Khloe.