a telling excerpt from my life

 jacqueline:  oh, oh i saw that one with the boston terrier
 jacqueline:  i police cute overload like it's my job
 me:  hahahahahahhahahaha
i don't know how i got here
 jacqueline:  hahahha
i know, right?
i don't know when it happened to me, but it is such a strange feeling
 me:  of like
"i must look at pictures of adorable things forever"
 jacqueline:  yes
of like, oh my goodness. do you see that? that is a BABY. a REAL LIVE BABY. just ON THE STREET.

and later:

how to fix the US economy. I am so onboard
 me:  tasteless block again
can't see it
 jacqueline:  ughghghghhgghhghghghg
i do not like your law firm judging my taste