when it rains it pours

SOMEONE is a baller! It is my best friend, who just got Legit Dream Job Interview. Yes, she is the coolest of us all. Despite the part where if she got it, she would have to move to California, I am insanely excited for her. After she texted me to tell me, I called and the following exchange happened:

Her: "Hello?"
Me: "DUDE."
Her: "I KNOW!"
Me: "DUDE!"
Her: "RIGHT?"
Me: "I guess we won't need to sacrifice that goat then."

In other news, I have a Super Big Law Firm attempting to contact me, which is rad. I also had another insane dream last night, which involved incomplete Escher stairs, a psychologist who worked by performing some sort of karate massage (it made more sense in the dream), and a boat. I don't know. This is just what is happening in my brain.