life update

Good lord, what has even been happening in the last month or so?

I got an acupuncturist, who I will definitely write more about, because I'm obsessed with her.

I applied to grad school (whaaaaaaaa? yeah that happened).

I started dating someone? What? Yes. That happened.

I journal'd for a new project my friend Sonia's putting together called Catcalled (that link goes to the preview tumblr, and the real site launches in October).

I started? or continued? training to be an NSO (non-skating official) for Gotham Girls Roller Derby, which I hope means I'll learn the rules well enough to actually play when I get good enough (though I've already got my derby name).

I worked on this convention I'm planning for my frorority I pledged in college (okay, co-educational literary society, pfffff trifles).

I visited San Francisco and found out why hashtags are so awesome at live events, and, you know, saw my best friend in the universe and met her new dog and had an all-around amazing time.

Oh, and I started watching about fifty thousand shows. Be ready for that.

PS, The Vampire Diaries comes back in SEVENTEEN DAYS. And Castle is back TODAY. THANK. GOD.