How would you guys dress if you were girls?

Matter of factly asks generic, pretty blond girl who has been successfully dating Hugo for some amount of time (a huge accomplishment, in this show).

Spencer: "I would dress like you [generic pretty blond] but I don't have the legs for it."

Rosie: "No, no no! Hugo would be the girl that would wear like no tights and the really slutty dresses, even in winter...[laughing, laughing]...because he has long legs"


Spencer: "What the f*ck is going on?"

Hugo ends up thinking he would dress like Adele. Not sure how he reached this conclusion since he looks like Adrian Brody -50 pounds.


Blond guy who is new - "To be honest with you, I don't like the headless guy coming out of the hat."

i like how these shows don't even require me to do any work. their awesomeness is beyond any analysis. all these beautiful 20-somethings are so beyond ridiculous, there are no words. this particular show is Made In Chelsea, which is currently in it's 3rd series on Channel 4 in the UK. to anyone who watched Laguna Beach and followed it into The Hills and now feels a void in their life - this is the show for you. there are so many vacant stares and beautiful people, you'll feel like no time has passed since LC was in love with Stephen. the trick here is that they are Brits, making you feel slightly more classy for watching the show.