heeeeere's lassie! (or, the new episode of psych is BOMB)

Oh my god. This show is amazing.

Pregnant girl named Rosemarie. Creepy kid on a tricycle. Grown up (elderly) creepy girl twins, who I think may actually be the twins that were in The Shining.

I am so sure that I'm not even catching half of the references in this episode.

Every so often, there's an episode of Psych that is just so beyond the pale of awesomeness that I can't stand it. It happened with the Dual Spires episode, and with essentially all of the Ying Yang series. I can't even deal, guys, this show is so good. If you're not watching it you're doing TV wrong.

Guys. Guys. Guys.

I don't even know if I can write this. I love this show too much. Go watch it.

A lingerie store called Frisky Business! GUYS. WATCH IT. WATCH.

{watch it on hulu}